Fortnite Has Reached Over 45 Million Players Says Epic

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Epic Games has announced that its game Fortnite has reached an astronomical milestone.

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Fortnite is in a weird place. The paid portion of the game, the game that launched as a survival zombie game, has seemingly fallen far behind the popularity of the game’s Battle Royale mode. The PUBG-like mode was added to the game as a free to play add-on, and it hasn’t looked back. Being the first good game in the genre on consoles, on top of being free has opened up the game to a big and eager audience. By the time PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hit Xbox One, it was already an ingrained part of the ecosystem.

Well, Epic has now come out and revealed just how big the game has become. In a release, they said the game has now been played by 45 million players. That is… a lot for any game. It’s currently at the height of its popularity too. The company added that over the weekend, the game hit over 2 million concurrent players. That is PUBG levels of popular, showing just how big this game has become. (Of course, PUBG‘s numbers are just based on Steam players, thus not including console numbers.)

It’s important to note though, that while 45 million players have played the game, Epic isn’t revealing sales for the base game. That certainly would be an interesting number to know.

The real question now is, what is the future of Fortnite? Where does it go, what happens to the base game and how much of the focus is going to be on this Battle Royale mode exclusively. All questions I’m sure Epic are asking themselves right now. Here’s hoping they make the right calls.

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