DC Comics Fixes (Some) Justice League International Omnibus Problems with Stealth Second Printing

DC Comics Fixes Justice League International Omnibus Problems (Some Of Them) With Stealth Second Printing

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In November, Bleeding Cool ran an article on issues that people had with the Justice League International Omnibus, published last year by DC Comics, dubbing it the JLI Omni-boob. Well, although there has been no official response, DC Comics has issued a second printing that has fixed many of the issues.

As published in 2017, the Justice League International omnibus saw reproduction quality of JLI #9 and #12 as notably inferior to the rest of the book.

In addition, some of Guy Gardener’s dialogue was dropped from page 5 in JLI #9 and the order of pages 6 and 7 in JLI #21 was reversed.

The second printing restores the missing dialogue and prints all the pages in the right order, however the artwork reproduction from JLI #9 and 12 still looks just as bad, despite better digital files existing, and available in the digital versions of the comics in question.

First print above, second print below.

DC is not offering any kind of recall and replacement program. Whether or not a customer can trade in a first printing for a second printing is entirely dependent on the exchange policy of each retailer, and there is no procedure for the retailer getting refunded.

There is also no way to tell the printings apart by looking at the covers or barcodes, which are identical. Copies of the new printing will be mixed with any remaining stock on the retail and wholesale levels and Diamond has not issued a separate order code. As far as Bleeding Cool can tell, the only way to determine which edition is which is by breaking the shrink wrap to look at the indicia and/or check for errors. It’s like a stealth second printing — one that may rely on you using X-Ray vision to find the corrected version.

Will DC Comics do the same thing with The Fourth World Omnibus in a few months as well? It is entirely possible.

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