Revival’s Em Cypress Gets Her Own Bust from Skelton Crew Studio

Revival character Em Cypress, from the comic by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, is getting a bust from Skelton Crew Studios. Arriving in fall, this is the latest of many busts based on Image and creator-owned books announced by Skelton as of late. As with the others, there will be preorder bonuses and even a discount if you order early.

Revival Em Cypress Bust Skelton Crew Studios

If looks could kill.

The Limited Edition Em Cypress mini-bust is straight from the pages of Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s amazing series “Revival,” published by Image Comics. This officially licensed mini-bust is approx. 6-inches tall.

Em’s featured in her classic, amazingly detailed hoodie, clutching a bloody scythe, with a creep sneaking up her back.

SWEET BONUS: Pre-orders placed by Feb. 14 will receive a custom toe tag signed by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton!

Em Cypress is a collectible, not intended for children. For ages 14 and up.

Designed by Mike Norton and studio head Israel Skelton. Sculpted by Arlen Pelletier.

These busts are coming frequently, but they all look like a million bucks. I just love the expression on Em’s face here; she looks like she’s going to slice you from your collection shelf. And hey — these sketches and unique items they have been including with the preorders are all pretty nifty, as well. A signed toe-tag? How cool is that?

You can preorder now. If you do so before February 14th, not only will you get the discounted price of $84, but also the signed toe-tag from Seeley and Norton. After the 14th, it goes back up to the regular $98. If you would like to secure one now, you can do so right here.

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