Justice League #37 Makes DC Comics Fans the Enemy (SPOILERS)

Justice League #37 Makes DC Comics Fans the Enemy (SPOILERS)

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Justice League #37 continues its utterly brilliant The People Vs Justice League storyline by Priest and Pete Woods – though Philippe Briones jumps in for this issue on art. And we get an idea of the individual who has been causing such issues for the Justice League, impersonating Batman and killing a politician who threatened the League’s existence – only causing more issues. And now turning his attention to Green Lantern.

And that’s when we discover his essence in today’s chapter titled The Fan. Because that’s what he is. Not only is he a fan of the League and its members, when it comes to the Green Lantern, he’s a member of H.E.A.T.

Remember them?Hal’s Emerald Attack Team? And later… Hal’s Emerald Advancement Team? Which started with

“As Green Lantern fans, it is our goal to encourage and advocate the return and exoneration of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, the restoration of the Green Lantern legends, and the revival of the honorable Green Lantern Corps.”

and ended up with people sending death threats to Kyle Rayner Green Lantern writer Ron Marz. And so The Fan just wants Hal Jordan to be the Green Lantern, and none of this social justice crap…

“Mexican chick, soul brother….” The very worst kind of Green Lantern fan. And he is the Justice League’s most dangerous enemy. Just how meta is Priest wanting to be?

The answer is, all of it. All the meta.

So enjoy Justice League #37 – just be worried if you start to recognise yourself.

(W) Christopher Priest (A/CA) Pete Woods
“JUSTICE LOST” part four! As public confidence in the League continues to fall, strained relationships within the team are set aside when Simon Baz is kidnapped by the mysterious figure known as the Fan: a zealous Justice League acolyte who was inspired by the team as a youth and who now deals death to the League’s enemies. The Fan knows literally every detail about the League membership’s powers and tactics, and easily turns their own systems and resources against them “for their own good.”
RATED T In Shops: Jan 17, 2018
SRP: $2.99

And no, it still isn’t called Justice Lost.

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