WWE 2K18 Receives A New "Enduring Icons" Pack Today

WWE 2K18 Receives A New “Enduring Icons” Pack Today

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We kind of assumed 2K Games would be adding a bunch of wrestlers to the already impressive roster of WWE 2K18, and the number of packs that are sure to come out over the next six months will probably be awesome (until WWE 2K19 is announced). The latest pack to be added to the mix is the “Enduring Icons” Pack, which we’re not entirely sure what it means to be an enduring icon, but the selection isn’t too shabby as you get Beth Phoenix, The Rock N’ Roll Express, and The Hardy Boyz.

Starting with the tag teams, The Rock N’ Roll Express was one of the most popular teams in the NWA during the big ’80s boom. They may not be one of the most heavily decorated teams in history, but they are one of the most innovative and influences dozens of famous teams over the years. Meanwhile, you get The Hardy Boyz working as a tag team in their current looks, which is a bit odd to still see Matt Hardy doing his Broken/Woken stuff as part of the act. Finally, you get Beth Phoenix, one of the two major wrestling standouts in the late ’00s in the women’s division with Natalya before the revolution hit.

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