You’d Be Surprised at How Cygames Is Testing Shadowverse Updates

A cool little story from the crew at Dual Shockers today as they’ve got a cool story about how the Shadowverse updates are tested out before they go into effect. Every development crew has their own way of creating and testing updates to make sure they actually do what they need to do, but most of those systems revolve around putting them in the game and then working out the kicks in a PTR or in-house server. But not for Cygames, who take to creating the updates on physical cards and playtesting them against each other in the office like the team at Wizards Of The Coast would for a game like Magic: The Gathering.

Considering the game itself, it sounds pretty practical to do it like this since Shadowverse it basically a tabletop game with a few more bells and whistles attached to it to make it awesome. It’s also pretty cool to get a look at their offices and see them playing the physical version of the game in testing mode. It does make you wonder how many mechanics have gone by the waist side because they didn’t work on the table and were scrapped for failing to work properly.

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