Warwick Davis Calls Out Twitter for Abuse Policy; Twitter Actually Listens

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Superstar actor Warwick Davis took to Twitter, as so many people have been doing lately, to complain about Twitter’s lack of response to reports of tweets using offensive language, promoting hate views, or engaging in targeted harassment. In this case, Davis had reported a tweet referring to his family as “midgets,” a term which he describes as offensive to short-statured individuals. Despite reporting the tweet, and as he says, explaining why the term is offensive, Twitter had not taken action, so he finally took the case to his followers, tweeting:

Davis’s tweet even received the support of his old Return of the Jedi co-worker, Star Wars: The Last Jedi star Mark Hamill.

The public attention, it seems, was enough for Twitter to take action within 24 hours of his tweet, as Davis reported Monday morning:


So we’ve finally learned the secret to ending harassment and abuse on Twitter: we just need Warwick Davis to tweet about every single incident to get Twitter to take action. Mr. Davis, do you happen to have the next several years free to make about a million more tweets on the subject? We could really use the help.

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