Something is Happening with Snake Pass in the Coming Months, Developer Teases

Posted by January 15, 2018 Comment

Sumo Digital’s Snake Pass has begun to make noise suggesting something new is on the horizon for the game or franchise.

Snake Pass, while not always the best game in the world, certainly had a strong idea around it. While I did grow to tire of its world just a little bit by the time the credits rolled, the central gameplay loop of using a physics-based snake and controlling it to get some slithering puzzle platforming done was really novel.

It seems we are in for some more of it, too. Sumo Digital has gotten out and suggested that Noodle has been sleeping, just waiting for a new adventure. In a tweet, the developer hinted that adventure was on its way in “early 2018”.

Now, we don’t know what this is exactly. Is this DLC that will add extra levels to the existing game, or are we looking at a sequel already? With the infrastructure of the first now in the bag, it’s not impossible to see a world where a sequel would come a year after the first, but at the same time, I may not put my money behind that being likely. Whatever the case it seems we might be finding out pretty soon. On that front, we will be sure to keep you up to date as much as possible.

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