Sara Benincasa Wants to Pay $300 to Any Reporter Willing to Ask Donald Trump About Wakanda

Comedian and writer Sara Benincasa is offering a reward for any reporter to ask, and have answered by President Donald Trump, a question about the relations between the United States and the fictional African nation of Wakanda that will be featured in February's Black Panther movie from Marvel.

Benincasa was inspired by seeing a tweet at the President jokingly asking about Wakandan immigration in the wake of last week's story about Trump calling Haiti and a group of African countries "shitholes" while discussing immigration with members of Congress in an Oval Office meeting.

Trump's racism is the target of Benincasa's planned prank, but what will make it work is not Trump's racism, but his stupidity. The reward is $300 of Benincasa's own money, though she also promised to set up a tip jar for anyone else who wants to reward the prankster in the event someone is able to pull it off.

Read Benincasa's tweets below, and if you happen to be a journalist with access to ask the president questions, consider what you might do with an extra $300 for asking one innocent question.

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