Musical Chairs Among Marvel Comics Execs

Bleeding Cool heard rumours in the summer that Marvel Comics would be letting some of its executives go, and it turned out that was Executive Vice President and General Manager, Peter Philips and his number two, Kristin Vincent, Vice President of Digital Products, both appointed in 2011.

We were also first to tell you that Marvel Comics had dropped Axel Alonso as Editor-In-Chief, replaced by C.B. Cebulski, who had been Marvel’s representative in Disney Shanghai for the previous two years.

Well, Bleeding Cool has learned that there more — and possibly bigger — changes to come at Marvel Comics.

In recent weeks, there have been rumours of a senior figure being made redundant, but that appears to have been a game of telephone. Bleeding Cool now understands that a senior figure will be moved from one position to another — and that another senior figure will be hired.

Who that might be? Look, we just get the crumbs from the table. In this case, however, they appear to be pretty big crumbs.

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