Disney Will Be Releasing a Mobile Shooter Called Star Wars: Rivals

You know what we absolutely, positively, beyond reason needed from Disney right now? A new Star Wars game. Joking aside, the company released details today along with a preview video for a brand new mobile game called Star Wars: Rivals. The game is a simplistic PVP shooter that will allow you to take control of characters from the Empire and the Rebellion (which appears to only span over the original trilogy and the current set of films), where you'll basically shoot your opponent on the other side. Or in the case of characters like Vader and Luke, use lightsabers to deflect shots back at people. The game is designed to support cross-platform play, meaning an iOS user can battle against an Android user.


The game will be free to play, but apparently, Disney didn't learn the lesson EA had to learn the hard way as the game will come with microtransactions and in-app purchases going all the way up to $100. While I'm sure there's a contingency of Star Wars fans who think this is amazing no matter what because it's yet another chance to play as Vader and Han Solo, on the surface it doesn't look that impressive. And with the news that there's stuff to buy in the game that we're sure is designed to make the battles easier or more fun… it feels like a lame duck cash grab right from the get-go. If you do decide to play it, those who pre-register on the Google Play Store will get an exclusive Death Trooper support units for their copy, and iOS players will receive Rebel Special Forces units.

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