Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Will Include Sakura Free For A Limited Time

While we patiently wait for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to be released this Tuesday, some awesome news just came around for fans who were looking forward to playing as Sakura. From January 16th to January 23rd, Sakura will be available to play in the game as part of story mode. She will come with all of her costumes and have no limitations on fighting, but any experience or money earned when you use her will not be given to you until you purchase her in the DLC.


Now that may be a turnoff for some but think of it from Capcom’s point of view. They’ve added in a bunch of new characters including some fan favorites that people were pissed off about when they didn’t come to Street Fighter V to begin with, and now after programming them into the game, the company would like to see a little revenue from their effort. As much as we dislike microtransactions and the endless supply of DLC content people want us to pay for, we do have a little respect for Capcom for going the extra mile on a project they didn’t need to. But also keep in mind, you don’t absolutely need to purchase her, either.

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