Lost Sphear has a New Trailer Highlighting Tomoki Miyoshi’s Soundtrack

Tokyo RPG Factory’s Lost Sphear is releasing soon in the West, and publisher Square Enix is hoping to get you excited for the game’s release with a brand-new trailer. And because this is Square Enix, obviously today’s trailer highlights the game’s soundtrack. Square Enix has a bit of a habit of focusing on game composers in each of their games, going so far as to showcase them in separate trailers for most of their newest games – Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis also received special attention for their soundtracks.

Between the serene piano melodies and action-packed themes, Tomoki Miyoshi’s soundtrack does a fantastic job of setting the stage for all the various aspects of Lost Sphear all without showing us a whole lot of action. That said, you will notice some gameplay and scenery flashing in the backgrounds of the trailer.

If you don’t immediately recognize Tomoki Miyoshi, don’t be too concerned. Compared to many names in the vast catalog of Square Enix composers, he is one of the newest. The 25-year-old musician is best known for his work with I Am Setsuna — a game which received much praise for its excellent soundtrack.

Lost Sphear releases in a little over a week in the West on January 23rd for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4.

You can watch the new trailer below.

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