Archie’s Marvel Comics Digest #6 Brings Thanos, Avengers to Newsstands in Time for Infinity War

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There will be a comic highlighting the Avengers and Thanos on newsstands and in places like the supermarket checkout line right before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters, but it won’t be published by Marvel Comics. Instead, Archie’s upcoming Marvel Comics Digest #6, featuring both the titular The Avengers from the blockbuster movie and the cosmic villain Thanos, otherwise known as Dione the Mad Titan (you have a lot to learn, movie fans), who will be the big bad villain of the film.

13th Dimension has the EXCLUSSSIVE¬†news and cover reveal, which you can see below. The book hits stores on April 18th, and is part of a partnership between Marvel and Archie wherein Archie takes Marvel’s comics and packages them for new comic book readers and sells them outside the direct market. Why Marvel doesn’t do this themselves on a much larger scale, nobody has been able to figure out for years, but at least someone is doing it.

So, when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th, and in the promotion-heavy weeks leading up to that, shoppers in actual regular stores people go to might be tempted to impulse-buy this 224-page book featuring reprinted Marvel comics. And at just $6.99, it’s a hell of a deal. So nobody tell them how much brand new comics actually cost, okay?

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