The Latest Update For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds On Xbox Fixes A Problematic Pistol Issue

For those of you who have been complaining about the way pistols have been treated in the Xbox version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a new update went into effect that should help curb the problems you’ve been having. Below is a complete list of issues addressed in a new patch that, among other things, has made it so that pistols are now in a different equipment grouping instead of with your primary weapons. Now all you need to do to equip one is press Up on the D pay rather than Y.

credit//Bluehole Inc.


  • Pistols have been removed from Y button’s weapon rotation and grouped with the melee weapon.
  • Players can now equip pistols by pressing ‘up’ on the D pad.



  • Continued improvements related to player “rubber banding”.
  • Enhanced server performance while parachuting.



  • Added a new controller preset to options menu.
    • Type B (new preset) now supports:
      • Holding LT to aim down sight.
      • Holding LB to use 3rd person perspective aim sight.
  • Controller guide has been updated to include  the new controller preset.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players repositioned out of the battleground after certain actions and remained invulnerable until the end of the match.
  • Additional memory and non-memory related crash fixes.
  • Fixed the inability to join duo/squad through invites outside of game.


Known issues to be addressed next patch:

  • Dropping objects causes the player to switch weapons.
  • User is unable to switch grenade types when tapping right on the D-Pad.

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