Nintendo Switch Has Already Outsold the Wii U in Japan

Nintendo Switch Has Already Outsold the Wii U in Japan

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If figures are right, the Nintendo Switch has already outsold the Wii U in the Japan territory.

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There hasn’t ever quite been a roaring comeback story quite like what Nintendo is experiencing right now when it comes to games consoles, at least in the modern era. The Xbox to Xbox 360 and the GameCube to the Wii might give it a run for its money, but right now, the stats keep coming up for the Nintendo Switch. It’s no secret that the Wii U as a console struggled terribly, with it not being that long ago that people pondered if Nintendo IPs should start thinking about going third party. Yet, a year later the company has now shipped the fastest selling console in the US ever.

To illustrate that, Famitsu (via Nibel) are currently reporting that the Nintendo Switch has now sold more than the Wii U in Japan. We’ve known it has been coming for a few weeks, but it is certainly staggering just how fast it came around. In five years, the Wii U sold 3,301,555 units, while the Switch has now apparently sold 3,407,158 in just 19 months as of the last count. That is pretty monumental. Of course, these are not global numbers, but that number, if it hasn’t been surpassed already is expected to fall soon. The Switch sold 10 million copies globally as of December, and the Wii U is believed to have sold 13 million overall in its lifetime.

I’m not sure a console has had such a strong showing in its first year quite like the Nintendo Switch in some time — possibly ever. It’s great to have Nintendo back as one of the key players in the console market too, and their success will surely push both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, too, hopefully in more positive directions.

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