Amazon Germany Advertises Longer Justice League Cut, But Is It Snyder's or Whedon's?

Amazon Germany Advertises Longer Justice League Cut, But Is It Snyder’s or Whedon’s?

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An Amazon listing for the Justice League home video release lists a runtime, or “Spieldauer,” of 135 minutes, or “135 Minuten.” If the listing is correct, that would put the runtime of this German Blu-ray 15 minutes longer than the theatrical cut of the movie, indicating that it could contain some extra scenes. Does this mean there’s hope for hardcore fans demanding a Zack Snyder cut of the film who are, as we speak, currently marching on Burbank to demand its release?

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Snyder, the original director of Justice League, had to step away due to a personal tragedy, and alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon was brought in to finish the movie. However, once Justice League hit theaters was both critically panned and failed to perform well at the box office, fans blamed Whedon and Warner Bros. for ruining Snyder’s pristine vision, which was evident on such masterpieces as Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Almost immediately, fans began demanding that Warner Bros. release a cut of the film that restores Snyder’s vision, citing footage shown in early trailers that indicates many of Snyder’s scenes were cut in favor of Whedon-esque snappy dialog like “Booyah!” Unfortunately, since post-production was likely never completed on Snyder’s scenes, it seems unlikely that

If there’s one thing we hate here at Bleeding Cool, it’s being the bearers of bad news. Unfortunately…

We’re afraid we’ve got some…

Back in December, we reported on a rumor that Warner Bros. actually was considering releasing an extended cut of Justice League. However, rather than restoring Zack Snyder’s glorious vision, the extended cut would actually be more likely to contain even more Whedon scenes. That’s right, if the Amazon listing for Justice League really does contain an extra fifteen minutes of footage, it’s more likely to make that the definitive Whedon Cut of Justice League, not the Snyder Cut.

Things could change depending on how many people show up at today’s march, of course, so we’ll continue to keep reporting on this, over and over, probably for as long as we live, or until the Snyder Cut is finally released.

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