2017 Games Countdown #3: Killing Jason in the Friday The 13th Game

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Friday the 13th: The Game was one of the most interesting and talked-about games releases of the year, and it looks like my colleagues in the BC Games Division posted about the title more than 40 times in 2017. As Patrick Dane recently explained, “The game got a fair bit of traction this year, with the goofy, janky but undeniably fun asymmetrical title. While trying to outsmart other players as Jason or as a camper is half the fun of the game, the title is getting the extra functionality later today.”

And the Friday the 13th: The Game intrigue should be unfolding for some time to come. Gavin Sheehan noted in November that, there were no concrete plans for new content for the game in November or December, so that roadmap of the future will be carrying us towards coverage of Friday the 13th: The Game in 2018, it appears.

Original Headline: Killing Jason In The Friday The 13th Game Is A Convoluted Mess Published May 28, 2017

We’re just going to state this right at the start: We appreciate what Friday The 13th is as a game and have no ill will toward it or the developers. That being said…the entire setup and execution for killing Jason Vorhees in the game is both convoluted and annoying. If you manage to pull it off as a team, kudos to you. But as some of us have discovered, it’s much easier said than done. If you don’t want to be spoiled, walk away now. If not, here ya go.


Part 1: Locate Jason’s Shack
Jason’s shack is easy for Jason to find; he spawns at it. But the damn thing moves each time a new game starts, so whoever is the first to hear Jason is probably the closest.

Part 2: Find & Wear Jason’s Mother’s Camp Counselor Sweater
Yep. That part may sound disgusting, but it’s a requirement. The shack is a shrine to his mother, which includes the head, and right below it is her white sweater. Any player of either sex can pick it up and wear it, as it’s considered a small piece of armor. However, to kill Jason, a woman counselor needs to wear it and have a melee weapon.

Part 3: Call Tommy
So here’s the first of two really bad parts to this step. Someone’s gotta die and take control of Tommy Jarvis, because Tommy plays a vital role in killing Jason. You use the radio to call for Tommy, but at least one player must die shortly before or after this happens. The dead player will come back in control of Tommy (with his god-like stats) and a shotgun. The second bad part? Tommy also needs a machete, so the minute that player arrives, they need to locate one without dying.


Part 4: Knock Jason’s Mask Off
Okay, so now that the initial scavenger hunt and planning phase is over, you have to make this mousetrap work. Anyone left alive needs to start smacking Jason with melee weapons until the mask falls off. Each Jason skin has a different face and mask, but it will be pretty clear when it comes off.

Part 5: Tommy MUST Pick Up Jason’s Mask
When the mask is off, whoever is playing Tommy has to pick up the mask. ONLY Tommy! If anyone else picks it up, you fail and Jason will not die.

Part 6: Pretend To Be Mommy
Nope, we’re not done. Now, whichever woman counselor chose to wear the sweater must pretend to be Jason’s mom. There will be a specific button you hit to make this happen while standing in front of Jason: Q on the PC, Y on Xbox, and Triangle on PS4. If you do it correctly, that player will start goading Jason on in a motherly tone, which will stun him and give you a window to hit him with a melee weapon that will bring him to his knees.


Part 7: Tommy Kills Jason
After all of that has been completed, the player controlling Tommy will be given a prompt to whack Jason on the side of the head with the machete. If everything goes according to plan, you get a cutscene that will show Jason’s death. Game over; you survived!

Anyone still alive when this happens — whether they helped you achieve it or were selfish pricks and hid the entire time — will win the game and receive a huge chunk of XP. Jason will get credit for any kills he made, which should at least be one (for whichever player died to become Tommy). But that’s a small door prize for allowing all those shenanigans above to actually happen and cause your own demise. Because let’s be honest here, that’s a lot of work for an ending, and you have to really be a bad Jason player to allow any of that to take place.

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