Universal Studios Japan is Getting a Limited-Time Final Fantasy Ride

Universal Studios Japan is getting a VR experience ride set in the world of Final Fantasy which will be available for a limited time from launch until June.

The ride, titled Final Fantasy XR, has you putting on a virtual reality helmet and watching Final Fantasy type things like an epic flashy fight or a magitek Empire taking over the world as your seat moves and jostles you around in reaction to what you’re seeing. While we probably won’t know what you see without actually trying it out, there is a trailer showing Sephiroth fighting Cloud while the rider spins around Midgar, and traveling through a plain petting Chocobos. Which sounds pretty wonderful.

Check out the trailer below and maybe go on the ride if you’re around Universal Studios Japan before June 24, when it gets removed. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a trip to go book.


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