Mayoral Candidate Kane Gives Interview, Actually Talks About Politics

Knox County mayoral candidate Glenn Jacobs, better known to fans of pro wrestling as WWE Superstar Kane, has been spending a lot of time lately not discussing the issues at the heart of his campaign. A Libertarian endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, Kane ostensibly an enemy of big government and high taxes, and has mentioned education and the opioid epidemic as issues that concern him.

However, rather than address those issues over the past several months, Kane has been fixated on Braun Strowman, a fellow WWE wrestler whose enormous size and penchant for violence positions him as a replacement for Kane in the “monster” genre of pro wrestler. Kane has wrestled Strowman in multiple matches, even at one point shoving him into the back of a garbage truck and turning on the compactor, an act which would easily be the worst thing a politician did in 2017 if Trump weren’t the president.

But in an interview with Newsweek Wednesday, Kane did the most shocking thing of all — and no, he didn’t electrify anyone’s testicles, even though that is something he has been known to do. Kane actually spent a whole minute talking about his political campaign.

“I think what’s happened now is that people are tired of politicians,” Kane said in between talking about WWE and his upcoming match against Strowman and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. “They’re tired of people saying one thing when they’re campaigning and something else when they actually take the job.”

So by that matter, can we expect Kane, if elected, to “delight in pain and horror” and commit horrifying acts of violence against Strowman? Because honestly, that seems to be all he’s been talking about.”

“The politician is your best friend — he always wants to be there when he’s asking for your vote,” Kane continued. “But then, often, he doesn’t have time for you when he gets into office. To me, it’s the opposite. They should listen to you more when they’re actually in office.”

It looks like Kane is aiming to be the people’s mayor — is he trying to steal the gimmick of fellow WWE Superstar and politician Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Would you vote for this man?


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