Critically Acclaimed 'The Last Jedi' Pushes Disney to 2017 Box Office Victory

Critically Acclaimed ‘The Last Jedi’ Pushes Disney to 2017 Box Office Victory

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As expected following the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Disney has officially earned the highest domestic box office total of any studio this year with $2.27 billion dollars, beating out rival Warner Bros, which currently has $2.02 billion.

Warner Bros actually pulled ahead in the race earlier this month following the release of Justice League in November, becoming the first studio to cross the $2 billion threshold this year. However, Justice League failed to perform up to expectations, thanks in large part to the lack of a Zack Snyder cut, while Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a mega-hit, despite suffering from some backlash online, fueled largely by a high critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Disney movies filled 3 of the top 5 box office slots this year, with Beauty and the Beast coming in first, followed by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman had the third best domestic total, while Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 took fourth place, followed by Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This marks the second year Disney has come out on top, but according to Variety, they made less this year than last, when they brought in $2.85 billion. Even with one more weekend left at the box office, Disney will be unable to earn another $600 million before the year is out.

There’s a large dropoff after second place, with Universal earning around $1.49 billion and Fox taking fourth place with $1.37 billion, money that could soon be Disney’s once the deal goes through to acquire the studio’s assets. Sony and Lionsgate failed to crack a billion, while Paramount barely made more than a paltry $500 million.

Pfft. Pocket change.

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