Nerd Food: The Tune-In Lounge Inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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The Tune-In Lounge next to the Prime Time Cafe is one of the most unique dining experiences you can have inside the Walt Disney World Resort. While it is a part of the popular Prime Time Cafe (and doubles as a waiting area for the restaurant), if you’re by yourself and don’t want to wait for a table at PTC, the Tune-In Lounge is an excellent lunch or dinner option. Since it’s a lounge, people are in and out fairly often, so you can almost always find a seat.

If you’re into Mid-Century Modern, this place is amazing. Disney went above and beyond with the decorations here, really immersing you into a 1950s home. Plus, all of the televisions work — and they all show Disney programs. The TV in the “living room” was airing the Disneyland Opening Day broadcast when I was there, which made it seem impeccably authentic.

I’ve eaten here before, and my favorite thing to get is the fried herb garlic cheese. It comes with fruit and bread, and for $9, you get your money’s worth. It’s honestly one of the best things to eat in the park, so if you’re heading to Disney World soon, make a note. My bartender was also extremely friendly, something the Disney Parks are known for. She made me a Snowball to go along with my fried cheese, and wow.

The other bar patrons are friendly, too, so if you’re not into talking to people, Disney World may not be the place for you. But for the rest of us, you should absolutely come here for lunch or dinner on your next Disney vacation!

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