Comic Book Villain Wish List: Supergirl – Felix Faust

Comic Book Villain Wish List: Supergirl – Felix Faust

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Being that this is Christmas, I’m sharing my list of comic book villains that I wish would appear on some of the television series currently airing. Moving on to Supergirl, and while she doesn’t have the biggest list of rogues, she has taken on a formidable and well-known opponent in Felix Faust.

Felix Faust

Created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky in the pages of Justice League of America #10 (1962), Faust is a character who has taken on many heroes over the years and since he got his start in 5000 BC, he’s had plenty of time to do bad things. Though the body he is in is that of Dekan Drache, a 1920s wannabe magician that happened upon a dimension that Faust had been banished to. Faust destroyed Drache’s soul and took over his body. His comic book dealings with the Girl of Steel involved him taking over her body and using it to attack Themascyria.

Felix is a master sorcerer able to tap vast magical power allowing him to reshape reality. In his early appearances he was forced to use scrolls and books for his casting, something they brought back for his appearance in the Justice League Dark animated series. But later on, that was put aside and he could just cast spells like any other magic user. Part of his bag of tricks includes the ability to cast illusions, enhanced vision, and psychic links.

He would be a very interesting villain for Supergirl with his magic based powers. She has only had to face foes where her strength didn’t matter a few times. Psy being the most recent, and, of course, Silver Banshee is magic based. But Faust could cause all kinds of trouble, especially if he is able to take over her body as he did in the comics, or someone else’s body like J’onn J’onzz or Guardian. It could also lead to a John Constantine crossover if Matt Ryan was available.

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