The Overwatch Director is Currently Sitting in Front of a Yule Log Fire on Twitch, and No One Knows Why

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan is currently sitting in front of a yule log fire on Twitch, and he has been at it for a while now.

Earlier today, PlayOverwatch‘s channel started suddenly streaming, and to everyone’s elation and equal confusion, it featured Kaplan just sitting in front of a fire not doing much. It’s not clear if this is leading to something or not, or if this just a fun prank… but, well, as this just turned up, we don’t really have any idea what this is. Is it looped, is Kaplan doing this live, and most important of all: will he eat the cookies?

You can watch the stream here. While we don’t know how long this will run, Kaplan did have a conversation with someone off screen at some point saying he’d be there for 10 hours. As of writing, it’s been between three and four.

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What a bizarre Christmas present — but even though I don’t know we needed it, I’m happy it’s happening anyway. We’ll be sure to stay on top of this developing story and update you if anything exciting happens.