WWE Superstar Matt Hardy is Woken on Christmas Eve

WWE Superstar Matt Hardy is Woken on Christmas Eve

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In what some might call a Christmas miracle, Matt Hardy finally regained the ability to use his Broken character developed during his time in Impact Wrestling, just in time for the holidays. Hardy’s new character isn’t exactly “Broken,” however. Instead, Hardy is “Woken,” though it’s basically the same thing. Hardy took to YouTube to post a video greeting for fans on Christmas Eve.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome each and every one of you because all of these events must be documented,” Hardy rambled. “As now, all of post-Pangea and the plane identified as WWE: you are living in a Woken Universe.”

“And in the Woken Universe, we do not sleep,” Hardy noted, before realizing that both of his children and his wife were sleeping on camera. “Although, Lord Wolfgang, King Maxel, and Queen Rebecca are currently sleeping. I do not sleep. I merely dream.”

“So to all of you out there, even on a night like tonight, the Eve of Christmas,” Hardy implored. “Get woke, and stay woke, with Woken Matt Hardy as we delete all of the rubbish in the world.”

Watch the video below:

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