Marvel Prints Error on Marvel Legacy Value Stamps Programme

Posted by December 24, 2017 Comment

The Marvel Value Stamp was a ’70s promotion, revived for the recent Marvel Legacy not-a-relaunch from Marvel Comics. The idea was that people could collect stamps from all the Marvel Legacy not-a-launch titles, stick them in specially-issued Marvel Value Stamps albums, and win loyalty points from Marvel. They also weren’t on the lenticular variant covers, so it was also a reward for paying full $3.99 whack for the non-lenticular versions.

But it appears that disaster has struck! Even though each issue Marvel Legacy launch issue was meant to have a distinct and different Marvel Value Stamp to collect, it seems that the Marvel Value Stamp in Squirrel Girl #27, as seen below…

Was the exact same one that appeared in this week’s Marvel Two-in-One…

Calamity! Disaster! The end of the collection scheme as we know it!

We look forward to Marvel Comics making reparations at the appropriate juncture.

(Last Updated December 24, 2017 10:21 am )

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