Bleeding Cool’s Non-Traditional Holiday Traditions

The holidays are a time of sweet scents wafting in from the kitchen, snowflakes falling softly outside the window, and waiting to hear the sound of hooves click-clacking on the roof… for many, but not all. We here at Bleeding Cool have compiled some of the more offbeat traditions we hold for the holidays. Enjoy, and let us know yours in the comments!

Ray Flook‘s Horror-ific Christmas Eve

The two traditions that I’ve got going on here: there’s always a horror movie mini-marathon prior to Christmas Day (this year, the first four Friday the 13th movies); and we always keep the apartment available to any of our friends who can’t make it home or be with loved ones to stop by, grab a little something to eat, and hang out. It’s Christmas. No one should have to be alone.

Lauren Sisselman‘s Chanukah Feast

My Chanukah tradition with my family: Every year we go to a buffet — Chinese or American. We try to have at least one meal together, and we exchange gifts and such.

Eliot Cole‘s Anti-Festivities

My non-traditional tradition is that I generally think it’s a load of nonsense (although I like one celeb’s recent suggestion that it should just be for kids), and (through a period of years) I managed to get my family to stop buying me presents. Hurrah!

Rich Johnston‘s Frosty Christmas Dinner

Today will be the first Christmas Day without external relatives pressure to conform to normalities. So at the Johnston family household on Christmas Day, instead of the turkey/goose/lamb selection we will be having a Christmas Day lasagne. Which is a normal lasagne but with two meatballs stacked on the top, covered in white sauce, resembling a snowman.

Haley Rose-Lyon‘s Dark Knight Before Christmas

A tradition started two years ago, we make a point to watch The Dark Knight every Christmas Eve. Festive, I know. Then, Indian food as our traditional Christmas Day dinner. Down with dumb old traditions! (Actually, old traditions can be pretty sweet, too — not knocking them.)

Bill Watters‘s Christmas Eevee

On Christmas Eve, I get together with friends for a local dinner, and then it’s a Poké-walk (Pokémon Go hike) around the wharf to burn off the cals and pick up the new Pokémon running around the city.

Josh Davison‘s Italian Banquet

Credit: Sakibnb via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Well, we eat a lot of Italian food on Christmas. Every year we make lasagna and spaghetti for Christmas dinner, even though we aren’t Italian. We also watch the Tick animated series Christmas special every year.

Patrick Dane‘s PJ Promise

On Christmas Eve, my mum always gets me a new pair of pyjamas… usually based off some kind of franchise.

Dan Wickline‘s Visit to Santa

I’ve been told that my family’s tradition of kidnapping a mall Santa and forcing them to eat fruitcake and watch the Star Wars Christmas Special on a loop is non-traditional, but my lawyer has also told me to always refer to it as a ‘hypothetical’ tradition.

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