Persona 5 Director's Next Game, Project Re Fantasy, Gets a New Concept Trailer

Project Re Fantasy has gotten a second concept trailer, vaguely hinting at the world of Atlus's new title.

The title comes from longtime Persona director Katsura Hashino, who left the series after 5 to focus on this new game. Not too much is known about it, apart from that fact that it is a fantasy RPG coming from new developer Studio Zero. This follows a trend for the game, as last December the game also got a concept trailer, but this time it hints more openly about the story. It's still all pretty vague, though, with mostly inflated platitudes that don't tell us too much about what is going on. What we can glean though is that there are regular 'fantasy' classes and that a lot of the characters have major flaws in their aspirations.

There is also a hint at a 'real world modern day' element to the game, but it's not clear how it connects. Perhaps it could be a Persona-like thing where the game exists in multiple realities.

You can take a look for yourself at the concept trailer below.

A release window for the title still escapes us, but stay tuned.