Beerus Shows Off His Moves In Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Breakdown

Beerus is the latest character to get the Dragon Ball FighterZ character breakdown as Bandai Namco explores the God of Destruction’s move set.

In the latest of a series of videos, you can see the basics of how the character plays, and by the looks of it, his interest will be in controlling the pace and distance of play. His blasts seem to be able to hit from across the screen, and he also has orbs that can be placed around the fight, controlling player movement to his liking. A thinking man’s fighter, who seems to have some neat combo ability, too.

You can get a good look at how he performs in this video below.

This is always the kind of character I gravitate towards in fighting games, so I’m certainly keeping an eye on the hairless cat god. When Dragon Ball FighterZ comes out on January 26th, he’ll likely be the one I try to get my head around first.