Arrows Season 6: Marc Guggenheim Says Deathstroke is Off Limits Again

Arrow Season 6: Marc Guggenheim Says Deathstroke is Off Limits Again

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Executive producer Marc Guggenheim gave a pretty interesting interview while at the inaugural ACE convention in Long Island, NJ. He talks about how crazy the ride has been since starting Arrow and how the initial plan of now powers and keeping in line with the Christopher Nolan style Batman got thrown out pretty quickly with the introduction of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in season 2. He says that now the trick is keeping the show tied to it’s roots while acknowledging the larger universe that it’s attached to.

Marc Guggenheim

He also went on to talk about Legends of Tomorrow and how they weren’t really sure what they were doing in the first season. Though the show is crazy and there are some adlib lines, overall the crazy is written into the initial scripts. He talks about how the snuck the Arrow theme into the Beebo: God of War episode when Young Stein (Graeme McComb) picks up the bow and arrow.

The next question up is where it gets interesting. The interview ask about using characters and Guggenheim admits that they were told that DC had plans to use Deadshot and the Suicide Squad which lead the series to write them out. He explains that they are basically “renting” the characters and used the ones Warner Bros/DC says they’re allowed to use. This lead to the question of Deathstroke who they couldn’t use for a while and then could. Well, it seems that after having him pop up for the season opener and a two-part episode during the season, it’s back to them not being able to use the character again. This is due to the appearance of Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson in the Justice League movie.

The conversation goes on to talk about Booster Gold, the Green Lantern movie and he says that DC must have other plans for the Question / Vic Sage, otherwise he’d already be on Arrow.


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