The Witcher 3 Is Finally Getting Some Xbox One X Upgrades

This morning, CD Projekt RED posted a new update for The Witcher 3 on the game’s official website, outlining the new update on the way to Xbox One X. In short, the game is finally getting that 4K conversion everyone’s been begging for since they saw the game wasn’t originally on the list to get one. Chief among them is that the game will finally have a 4K graphics option and HDR support, which they’ve noted will be coming to the PS4 Pro shortly as well.

credit//CD Projekt Red
List of changes for Xbox One X:
  • 2 new graphic modes: 4K Mode and Performance Mode
  • support for 4K resolution
  • HDR support
  • enhanced shadows, ambient occlusion and texture filtering
  • higher resolutions textures
  • dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p to 4K)

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