Led Zeppelin Unreleased Material Coming in 2018, Says Jimmy Page

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2018 will be the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest bands in the history of music, Led Zeppelin. This is not open to debate — Zepp has continued to be one of the most influential bands out of the rock revolution of the early ’70s.

Bassist John Paul Jones, guitarist Jimmy Page (wearing the sweater I still really need in my life), drummer John Bonham, and singer Robert Plant.

Yes, they may have borrowed heavily from the influx of American rhythm and blues musicians, but the combined magic of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John “Bonzo” Bonham was something out of this world that continues to be unmatched.

Guitarist and rock god Jimmy Page said in a recent interview from October with the Academy of Achievement that new, previously unreleased Led Zeppelin material would be released in 2018, the band’s 50th anniversary.

“There’ll be Led Zeppelin product coming out, for sure, that people haven’t heard, because I’m working on that.  Next year will be the 50th year, so there’s all manner of surprises coming out.”

There was already talk about such a thing, when Blabbermouth reported that studio engineer John Davis (who worked with Page on the Led Zeppelin discography remasters released in 2017) revealed in a deleted Facebook post that he was “mostly mastering LED ZEPPELIN” on the day that the post was made, which obviously was after the release of the material from this year.

It remains unseen if this project Davis posted about was this unreleased material collection, but the timing sure lends to that idea.

We’ll keep you updated when more information is known about this release. ‘Til then, let’s go watch Song Remains The Same (and also It Might Get Loud) for the eight millionth time.

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