Arms 5.0 Update Will be Bringing a New Character


The 5.0 update for Arms is coming tomorrow, and will be bringing a new character along with it. Nintendo of Europe announced on Twitter earlier today that the update will arrive for Nintendo Switch owners tomorrow. Earlier this week, Nintendo released a teaser that offers a sneak peek at the mysterious new fighter, which you can watch below.

As for what else will be included in the 5.0 update, we honestly have no idea what will be coming to the Nintendo Switch brawler. We expect bug fixes and balance tweaks like we see in every continued service game patch, but as for what else to expect, Nintendo has been very quiet.

As for the game itself, we reviewed it back when the game launched in the spring awarding it a 7/10. As for why, our own Gavin Sheehan wrote:

Arms is the perfect example of a Nintendo game as we have known them throughout the company’s history. An oddball premise that makes zero sense but plays beautifully. No different than a plumber fighting turtles with hammers, or a pink marshmallow that inhales enemies, or a fox who commands other animals to fight star battles. To me, this is one of the best games Nintendo has produced in the past few years, and we are still reeling from the glory that is Breath of the Wild.”

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