Ark: Survival Evolved Launches On Windows 10, Making It a Play Anywhere Game

Ark: Survival Evolved has now launched on Windows 10, which means the game is now part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere system.

Studio Wildcard has unleashed the hostile world of Ark: Survival Evolved onto the Windows store, opening up a lot of features for Xbox One players. If you are an owner of the game on consoles, this now means you have a Windows 10 copy, too. Even better, you will be able to bring all of your saves over as you hop between both versions of the game.

Perhaps even more importantly, though, the game now has crossplay between the two versions. This means console players and Windows 10 users can interact with each other on the same servers.

Sadly, these features aren’t true of the Steam version of the game where the majority of PC players will undoubtedly be, but if you are an Xbox player, the game just opened up a little freedom. Have at it.