Jeff Kaplan Calls Out Infamous Overwatch Troll On Their Forums

As an Overwatch player and fan, I have respect for Jeff Kaplan for two reasons. First, he talks like a cool gamer in every respect and tries not to be standard “corporate dude” trying to act cool. And second, to put it bluntly, Kaplan doesn’t take shit from anyone! If you frequent the Overwatch forums, you’re probably familiar with him getting into discussions frequently and directly talking with the audience and player base, from the most nagging of questions to the ragiest of ragefests you’ll ever see someone throw. This week, Kaplan responded to, as a few different websites have put it, one of the most infamous or notorious trolls in the game. Below is Kaplan’s response to him complaining about his banned account and reports of harassment. Grab some popcorn!



You have over 220 reports for harassment. Looking at your chat logs, these reports are verified. Here are some examples:

now im dont give a [expletive]
they can [expletive] my [expletive]too
you deranged addicted nerd
and this community is ignorant and insane
im the reason for anything good
good morning you sad sad dumb generation

Plus you continually accuse other players of hacking — we’re seeing this in a significant percentage of your games played. The players you are accusing are not hacking, they are just performing at a high level.

Also, you repeatedly spam lines such as:


Our community has made it clear to us that Toxicity is one of the top issues that needs to be addressed in this game. As a result, we’re getting stricter and that means people are going to get suspended and banned for poor behavior. You’ve fallen into that category.

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