Arena of Valor is Launching in North America Tomorrow

Credit// Tencent Games

Chinese game publishing giant Tencent Games is bringing their massively popular mobile MOBA Arena of Valor to North America tomorrow.  Arena of Valor may have only just started stretching outside of China, the game already has over 200 million registered players and regularly hits 80 million daily active users.

As IGN reports, Arena of Valor “absolutely dwarfs even its closest western competitors. Overwatch (which, again, Tencent owns a piece of) only recently hit 35 million players globally. Even at the peak of its infectious popularity, Pokemon Go hit just over half of the unique users Arena of Valor gets on any given day.”

The gameplay has been described as League of Legends but more streamlined, and more fun than you might initially imagine from that description. Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Arena of Valor had its first Western launch this August in Europe, and it was just announced that the mobile version will be coming to North America (as well as Latin America) tomorrow, December 19th. And even more surprisingly, Tencent revealed during a Nintendo Direct in September that Arena of Valor would also be leaving its mobile-only roots to launch on the Switch this winter.

If all that wasn’t enough, Batman Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Joker, and other officially licensed DC Comics characters have been added as heroes in the game. However, the DC characters will be arriving in post-launch updates for North America.

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