Monster Hunter: World’s Latest Trailer Really Hopes You Love Cats

The latest trailer for Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World hinges on your love of cats. The trailer is all about your feline companions, the Palicos, and the various ways they can be utilized and customized in the new game. For those who haven’t played a Monster Hunter game before, Palicos function mostly as your companions who help you hunt monsters and acquire items. In previous Monster Hunter games you’ve been able to create a Palico at the start of your game, and go around recruiting other Palicos to join you on your epic monster hunting journey. And in World it looks like we get even more customization options than ever before.

This time around, it looks like we can modify the color of their fur and choose their tiny clothes. Even small details like eye size, patterns, ear shapes, and voice can be adjusted to make your Palico the best Palico. Outside of aiding you in your journeys, they can also cook for you. For example, in this new trailer we see a Palico who happens to be an expert chef. Because why not make your cat companion the most useful NPC possible?

Monster Hunter: World releases January 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s also releasing for PC, but a release date has not yet been confirmed. If you want to get your hands on the game sooner, a second beta on PS4 is coming on December 22nd.

The Purrfect Palicos spotlight is below.

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