What Will Fox/Disney Deal Mean for Firefly, Angel, Buffy, Aliens and Predator?

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, nothing much changed for Dark Horse’s Star Wars comic books. Not right away, anyway. And then, a short while later, suddenly Marvel Comics were publishing Star Wars comic books instead, junking the entirety of Dark Horse canon to start afresh, and putting their top talent on the series as well. They sold millions.

Now Disney has bought Fox – well, most of it.

Dark Horse Comics publishes comic books based on Fox properties including Aliens, Prometheus, Alien Vs Predator (which Dark Horse originated), Predator, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and more.

Could history be about to repeat itself? And while Dark Horse survived Star Wars’ absence with a number of high profile licensed titles including Fight Club, American Gods and discovering the work of Donny Cates… would losing so many Fox titles have a more detrimental effect?

Do they even need to move? Disney also license comic books through IDW, Joe Books and Chronicle Books – as well as Marvel. So it’s not necessarily a straight forward necessity.

But it might be.

You can start your speculation engines…now!

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