Destiny 2's Holiday Event, the Dawning, Starts Next Week

Destiny 2’s Holiday Event, the Dawning, Starts Next Week

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Destiny 2 is about to see its first ever Dawning event, which will see new armour, modes and challenges added tot he game.

Destiny 1, by the time it was phased out, had a ton of yearly events. From Halloween, to Valentine’s day and, yep, even Christmas, it was all represented in the game in some capacity. Destiny 2’s launch seemingly came a bit too close to Halloween for that to be celebrated, but it isn’t going to miss its winter offering. Bungie announced The Dawning will land next week on December 19 and run until January 9, 2018.

Once it launches, there will be new gear which you will be able to get in event-specific engrams. You can earn those by completing certain missions and milestones. On top of this, you will also be able to get yourself into snowball fights with other players, while social spaces like The Tower and The Farm will see makeovers for the event. When it comes to Crucible though, rejoice, Mayham is back. If you have never played the mode, it is exactly as it sounds, with lots of heavy ammo and your ultimate and abilities on much shorter cooldown. It’s pretty wild.

While certainly not a huge content drop, this hopefully will go down really well. The community and Bungie could both use solid wins here after recent animosity so hopefully, just a little holiday spirit will rub off on everyone.

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