Writer’s Commentary: Shawn Aldridge Talks Hack/Slash Vs. Vampirella #3

Dynamite has sent us a new writer’s commentary by Shawn Aldridge as he talks about Hack/Slash Vs. Vampirella #3. It has covers by Jen Vaughn and Goran Sudžuka and interiors by Rapha Lobosco.

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When the Queen of Hearts starts possessing bodies, Cassie and Vampi’s alliance hits a bit of a rough patch and things turn into a battle you can really sink your teeth into. Because … vampires. Buy the book, read the book, then follow along here …

Page 1-2
The obligatory showdown. Though this issue is mostly a giant fight scene, I wanted to use it to give a few extra layers to the Blood Queen. Also, give Cassie’s a few moments.

Page 3:
There’s a lot of ways to get to the two heroes fight. Here I went with “by possession.” Doing so allowed me to explore both the Blood Queen and Cassie.

Page 4-5:
I liked the idea of getting to see Cassie through the eyes of another, though I guess, in this case, the “eyes” are still Cassie’s.

Page 6-9:
Fight scenes for me are always more interesting if there’s another layer of info being given off.

Page 10-13:
As Vampirella and Vlad plan their takedown of Cassie/Blood Queen, a plan Vlad is a bit shaky on, we get into why it is the Blood Queen is doing what she does. A villain is more interesting when there’s a touch of human to them.

Page 14-17:
I love the way Chris colored these pages of Cassie’s “ideal life.” I tossed in a reference to the original Hack/Slash series with Georgia.

Page 18:
Turns out the Blood Queen didn’t know Cassie as well as she thought. Cassie’s “suits” line is a nice summation of her as a character/person.

Page 19:
I love this page. Everything about it. I really wanted Cassie to own the moment while owning her life here.

Page 20-22:
All seems well and good, then BAM! Cliffhanger!

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