PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is Having Some Performance Issues on Xbox One

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now out there for console players, with the title hopping onto the Xbox  Game Preview program yesterday. It finally brings the mega-hit of the year to a whole new set of hungry players, and I have no doubt it will crush it on the platform.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

This does come with a caveat though. The game is apparently having some performance problems, not just on the original Xbox, but the Xbox One X as well. The good people at Digital Foundry have been putting the game through its paces on both consoles, and while the X certainly looks better, both systems seem to struggle to hit a consistent 30 fps. Places like the loading area and when you are skydiving see particularly terrible performance, as well as when you are near dense areas.

To the ports credit though, this seems like it was a tough job to get it running on the hardware at all and if you are out having a fight in the open, you quite often will get to 30fps. You can see the breakdown of the game’s technical performance here:

Now, of course, this title is in the Xbox version of early access so it is bound to improve its optimisation as time goes. With the weapons and map seemingly done for the game, you have to assume most of the dev time on the console side will be focused on making it run better. It is interesting as there was a debate brewing about if the game should allow 60fps play on the X over 30 on a normal Xbox One, but right now, it doesn’t even seem the title could hit 60 consistently on the hardware. Perhaps it will get there though. We will have to see.