Payday 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch in February

Payday 2 sure has been kicking around for a fair few years now, but that is no accident. The game has persisted since 2013 because it’s pretty great and has dedicated community. It’s not been without its speed bumps, of course, but it has been consistently¬†good for the most part. It’s about to do what every publisher under the sun seems to be doing right now, too: port itself to Nintendo Switch.

Overkill had announced the version a few months back, but it’s now come out with a hard release date of February 26th, 2018 (via Eurogamer). What this port will include is not clear yet, so you will have to sit tight for that.

Payday 2 on the go doesn’t sound like a bad proposition at all, but it probably won’t be one for the commute unless you have a stable Wi-Fi all the way into work. Still, as I’ve said, while it’s getting on in age nowadays, it’s still a great time with friends. It certainly won’t hurt the Switch’s library by being there.