WWE Starts a Seriously Great New Promo with #OccupySmackDown

WWE Starts a Seriously Great New Promo with #OccupySmackDown

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As we all know, Kevin Owens has been treated as the underdog for some time now in SmackDown. His beef with Shane McMahon has reached its boiling point, with Owens trying to start his own “Yep!”  movement with Sami Zayn.

Predictably, Daniel Bryan came out and told them to knock it off.

Even more shocking, he announced that he would also be a guest referee for this Sunday’s pay per view, so maybe Owens and Zayn get a fair shot. If my hunch is right, McMahon will likely turn his back on Bryan — by attacking him — and the match may turn to those two duking it out and Owens and Zayn getting off scot-free. I’m also possibly wrong, but the WWE has been predictable since before I was born.

I like how Owens is getting this awesome heel push, though. He’s such a great bad guy, and you can’t help but love him. I really hope he comes out on top after this promo.

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