Metal Gear Survive Shows Off Crafting and Structure in Single Player Campaign Trailer

Konami has put out the first look at Metal Gear Survive‘s single-player campaign in a new trailer. The rundown shows off the structure, weapons and survival elements you’ll need to get by in this offshoot of Metal Gear Solid V.

Perhaps one of the surprising things about this trailer is, and this might sound silly, is how much this game feels like a genuine survival game. You need to worry about things like food and water, collect resources in order to craft items and build up a base for yourself. It looks a lot like something along the lines of State of Decay, and honestly, that’s deeper into the genre then I think a lot of people expected.

As for the overarching story, this is something that doesn’t happen in the Metal Gear Solid V timeline but uses that game as a setting. Essentially, there is a lot of bad business with wormholes and you end up getting transported to an “alternate world” with crystal zombies and people who need rescuing.

You can see the run down in the trailer below:

In some ways, I feel a little bad for Metal Gear Survive. A true survival game with Metal Gear Solid V mechanics sounds like it could be a pretty cool game. Unfortunately, it was announced during the Kojima/Konami break up and it’s not quite what people expect from the franchise. I do quietly hope it ends up being a good title though because… well, I guess I’m just a liker of good video games.