Winter Is Here: Game of Thrones Ornaments from ThinkGeek

Winter Is Here: Game of Thrones Ornaments from ThinkGeek

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Winter is indeed here in the United States. It’s cold. It snowed here the other day. Whenever it gets cold, I always think of the most often-referenced line from Game of Thrones: Winter is coming. Well damnit, Ned Stark, winter is here. And what better way to celebrate than with Game of Thrones ornaments from ThinkGeek?

Game of Thrones Ornaments

First, let’s start with the Mother of Dragons ornament. The ornament is fairly large, especially for my small tree. At 5″ tall, it’s an eye-catcher. The ornament isn’t heavy, though, and sits well on my tree. The dragon is very detailed, and Daenerys looks, well, content.

Next, let’s look at the Iron Throne ornament. Currently it is sold out on ThinkGeek, but keep your eyes peeled. The ornament is fairly heavy, and very detailed. It weighs down one branch on my tree, so it’s hanging from three.

No GoT tree is complete without a White Walker. These awful zombie creatures (who probably love winter, look at them) are just waiting for you to decorate your home with their frozen, murderous corpses. Isn’t Christmas fun?!

Huge thanks to ThinkGeek for helping me celebrate the incoming winter, and for helping me get over the fact that I (and everyone else) has to wait a good, long while for any new Game of Thrones

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