Fez Pocket Edition Is Out on iOS Devices


Fez, Polytron’s 2D rotation-based reality-bending puzzle platformer, is now available on iOS devices. Fez was one of the early indie titles that really made the PlayStation 4 the “indie games console.” And now Sony’s console is pretty much flooded with cute, colorful, off-beat indie titles and it couldn’t be better. But you needed a PC or a PS4 to play Fez, until today. The game is now on iOS devices so you can get in on the platformer from your phone of tablet.

The game stars Gomez, a 2D character who has discovered that there exists a 3D world beyond the bounds of what the world around him knows. He also wears the titular fez hat. The game involves platforming and solving puzzles and overall larger mysteries about the game, the world, and the end of time. Because nothing says reality bending like looking at the end of a fourth-dimensional eternal construct.

Despite just releasing today, people already love Fez Pocket Edition, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering how massive the game’s initial release was.

You can check out a teaser trailer for the Pocket Edition below.

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