10 Books from DC Comics Go to Multiple Printings – Mostly Metal

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January 17th is going to be big for those who like multiple printings — and DC Comics.

Dark Nights: Metal #1 and #2 have both sold out of their second printings and is going to a third printing.

Dark Nights: Metal #3 has sold out of its first printing and is going to a second printing.

Remember, these new printings will not feature cover enhancements from the first printings. And same goes for the rest.

And then in January 24th, we get the Dark Knights books.

Batman: The Dawnbreaker, Batman: The Drowned, Batman: The Merciless, Batman The Murder Machine have sold out of their second printings and will go to a third printing.

And: Batman: The Red Death has sold out of its third printing and has gone to a whopping massive fourth printing.

Also on January 24th, Metal tie-in Batman: Lost #1 has sold out of its first printing and will go to second printing.

And it will be joined by the Metal tie-in Teen Titans #12, also going to second printing.

It’s not just Metal books, though. Sean Murphy‘s Batman: White Knight #3 had sold out and gone to a second printing, as well.

Metal involves Batman discovering a dark multiverse that exists beneath the core DC multiverse. It is revealed that the dark multiverse is connected to the core multiverse through mysterious metals that Batman has encountered over the years. His investigations eventually result in the release of seven evil versions of himself from the dark multiverse that invade Earth, courtesy of the creature that has been controlling his entire life: Barbatos.

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