Watch the Trailer for Fuller House Season 3B Ahead of Next Week's Return

Watch the Trailer for Fuller House Season 3B Ahead of Next Week’s Return

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Oh, mylanta! We’ve been so busy with the holidays that we didn’t notice the release date for the second half of the third season of Fuller House, the official TV show of Bleeding Cool, creeping up on us! That’s right, you heard us correctly. It’s better than a Christmas miracle. New episodes of Fuller House will be on Netflix in just 10 days!

To celebrate, Netflix has released a teaser for the hit show, which sees DJ Fuller (formerly Tanner) and Stephanie Tanner move in with Kimmy Gibbler in a spin-off of the classic Full House. Cameos from everyone from the old show except the Olsen twins, who want nothing to do with it, abound. The premise is that, just as the loss of her mother caused Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis to move in with dad Danny Tanner to help raise his children, the tragic death of DJ’s husband (conveniently named Fuller) in a firefighting accident leads to Stephanie and Kimmy moving in to help DJ and her kids deal with the grief.

As you can imagine, it’s a laugh a minute.

Check out the trailer for the new episodes and get ready for the favorite show of Bleeding Cool commenters to return. The new episodes start streaming on Friday, December 22, so don’t make any plans, Little Bleeders!

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