Malefic by Dan Schaffer and Squarriors Volume 2 from Devil's Due/1First Comics March 2018 Solicits

Malefic by Dan Schaffer and Squarriors Volume 2 from Devil’s Due/1First Comics March 2018 Solicits

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Dan Schaffer‘s Malefic continues its run and Ash Maczko‘s Squarriors gets a Volume 2 release, both courtesy of Devil’s Due/1First Comics in March of 2018. Read below for more details.

Malefic #7
Writer/Cover Artist: Dan Schaffer
Artist:David Miller
“All the Devils.” When a telekinetic inmate destroys the old wing of The Pit, Freust is left trapped in the labyrinthine hallways of the asylum with her most dangerous patients. To avoid a violent death, she attempts to treat them on the fly using only her wits, but she is out of her depth and outnumbered. With Inmate Eleven orchestrating the chaos, a new horror awaits Freust around every corner, including an old foe with a teeth-shattering score to settle.

Squarriors: Summer Volume 2 #3
Writer: Ash Maczko
Artist: Ashley Witter
Crash and Zeezee stumble upon a ferocious new predator, Ghost continues to stalk the dark halls of the Tin Kin shelter, and Pepper and the Cikudah tribe join forces with the Tin Kin and prepare for the arrival of their enemy.

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