BOOM! to Publish ‘Adventure Time: BMO Bonanza’ One-Shot in March

BOOM! Studios announced a new one-shot Adventure Time spinoff today starring Ooo’s sentient handheld gaming device and hitting stores in March 2018. Called Adventure Time: BMO Bonanza, the comic features short stories by Cynthia Cheng, Laura Langston, Nicole Mannino, Boya Sun, Ian Moore, and Shirley Chan providing the answers you need if you “ever wondered what BMO is up to when they’re not trying to keep Finn and Jake out of trouble.”

It wouldn’t be a press release without quotes from one or two creators and an editor chiming in with some copy and pasteable quotes, so let’s see what this one has to offer:

“BMO is really excited to see the rare Spring Flower bloom and asked Jake and Finn to join on her adventure,” explained Boya Sun, talking about their story. “After a crazy trip, they finally reached the destination, but the flower was not what they had expected…”

“I love how earnest BMO is!” said Nicole Mannino. “They put their heart into everything they do and always takes their work very seriously, despite how silly it seems. Plus, they’re always so cute about it!”

“Everyone loves BMO, as they should, and we’re thrilled to finally BMO their own dedicated special,” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “We’ve assembled a great roster of creators who will each give BMO the starring role they rightfully deserve!”

We don’t know about you, but Whitney Leopard is one of the punkest names we’ve ever heard in comics. Maybe even better than Jude Terror. We’ll buy a copy of this book on Leopard’s name value alone.

Check out some covers below. Adventure Time: BMO Bonanza hits stores in March.

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